Best Rangefinders For Bow Hunting


Apart from possessing a bow and an arrow, there are other essential items that every hunter should have, and one of them is a rangefinder. A rangefinder enables the hunters to measure the distance and ensure accuracy when shooting the arrow on the animal. Note that there are two categories of rangefinder whereby one is designed for golfers while the other type is made for hunters. So if you want to buy a hunting rangefinder device, be cautious so you can select the best and the appropriate one depending on your uses and purpose. For those planning to start practicing hunting, here are five of the best rangefinders to buy in 2017 from Rangefinder Now.

1. Bushnell 202208 Michael Bone Collector Rangefinder.

This rangefinder makes it to our number one best hunting rangefinder, especially for beginners. It is easy to operate and carry around since it is light in weight and operates with the use of one button. The device provides a measurement of about 600 yards hence making it suitable for light hunting. The lenses are designed with high quality and clear material that provides excellent viewing and essential for targeting the animal in darker areas. The magnification of the lenses is 4x 21 mm. Durability is guaranteed with the use of waterproof and vigorous materials that shield the device from getting damaged by the water or breaking in the case where you drop it by mistake.

2. Simmons 801405 Rangefinder.
If you want a high magnifying rangefinder especially in broad areas, then Simmon rangefinder is the right brand to purchase from. The device is designed with magnification which if 4 x greater than other rangefinders. Remember one detail that you need to be keen about when selecting the rangefinder is optical since this is the section that provides the accurate measurements and viewing. Therefore for these purposes, Simmons has designed the visual part with bright and crystal clear material to provide high viewing. The device provides a display of about 600 yards, and it is easy to carry due to its light manufacturing weight.

3. Nikon 8377 Rifflehunter Rangefinder.

Make your hunting experience memorable and Successful with this excellent rangefinder. It is also essential for people who want to have a larger view distance since it provides a view of up to 1000 yards.Other beneficial features found in this device include the advanced ID technology that is useful for calculating different shooting angles. One can also be able to control the brightness with the active illumination mode. The rangefinder has two target mode for the user to select from which are the first target priority and the distance target priority.

4. Nikon 16228 Arrow ID 5000 Rangefinder.
This is another product from Nikon that provides accurate measurement for hunting purposes. Some of the features found in this rangefinder include the Incline and Decline technology that enables the user to have a particular shoot. You can also be able to select the animal that you wish to shoot depending on the positions of the target. It is quite easy to operate with the provided single push button, and it provides a measurement of up to 600 yards.

5. Wildgame Innovations Halo X-Ray Laser RangeFinder.
The device is designed with a scanning ability that provides accurate and constant ranging. It also posses a magnification of up to 6 times than other rangefinders hence providing a broader viewing. The material is water resistance hence suitable for use during the wet seasons. It is light in weight and comes with a strap to hang around the neck for easy access.

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